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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Don't worry. Be HAPPY! :D

Hi guys!  Thank you SO very much for all the kind comments yesterday. :')  So I just wanted to explain things a bit more.
So yeah, I'm moving continents again, back to America.  The packers are coming this week to take most of our stuff.  It's probably gonna be possible for me to keep my computer out for a bit longer, but it would probably not be possible for me to find time to post.  Our testing starts next week, and it's during the mornings when I usually post. Then I'll have regular work on top of that, which I usually do in the afternoons.  The week after we move into a hotel for the remainder of time before we leave for the U.S.  The thing is, even if I could try to post, the posts would be rushed and bland.  After I move to the U.S, the time zone changes (as you know) and I wouldn't be able to post until the afternoons (American time.)  That would be at night for all those Europe-living peeps.  In America, I'm learning that I'll have to stay after school most every day for band practice.  (Not to mention hw, piano practice, and private flute lessons.) There just simply wouldn't be time. I know some people still find time to post with a busy schedule, but I just couldn't be amazing like that.

Now, it's not like there was no personal choice involved.  Animal Jam does not have the draw is used to, it's true.  But I stayed simply for the love of blogging and all the people I would not be able to meet otherwise!  But of course, you just can't hold to things forever.  I'm not saying that people should quit AJ, especially if they're enjoying it!  But I kind of needed AJ and blogging in this section of my life.  In the next section of my life, I might not.  But how would I know if I never get out and try?

All of that said, I am NOT going to let go of the memories.  The skills I've learned through blogging and the people that inspire me are going to be carried with me wherever I go. :)  So I'd just like to thank some people and recommend some blogs!

*Thanks to mangoshapedspace and kinyonga who were my first main commenters and supporters!
*Thanks to wolfez, etherealcomet, numnum13, nafaria9 and cloudclaws, whose blogs and personalities especially inspire me!  Thanks to everyone who owns an AJ blog, I love being part of the community!
*Thanks to all of my followers and frequent readers and commenters!  (Especially fluffybunny326, fuzzheadlola, cloudclaws, oct4worldanimalday, wolfez, numnum13, dolphin31, xxtigerforeverxx, airlec02, whenlifegivesyoulemo, ethereealcomet, dreamcloud13, cyacheer, xavier883, 24lovefancy, camp2014, winkwinkwink, owlzzz, and many many more.)
*Thanks to my AMAZING authors.  (Lemo and andreww) Especially Lemo, who has loyally posted for me when I can't.
*Thanks to my long-time AJ buddies mimi8877, ciaragraceda, andreww21, and Lemo (again! :p)
*Thanks to my blogging/AJ buddies wolfez, etherealcomet, nafaria9,and cloudclaws.
And phew, I think that's all.  THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO EVER BELIEVED IN ME! :D

I highly recommend all the blogs on the Blog Roll.  Especially:
Animal Jam Howl Blog
Animal Jam Soul and Star
Animal Jam River Blog
Sol Lucet in Animal Jam
Animal Jam Tribune
Animal Jam Whip
Please feel free to email me at twinklepeachyflower@gmail.com  You'll probably also see me around AJ.  (For a bit longer, anyway.)  I'll probably also be spotted commenting on others blogs! :)
As for my items, I just don't have enough good ones to go around.  I'm very sorry, I wish I could give all of yall' founders or something epic.

Bye Jammers.  Best wishes for whatever comes your way.  Here's a little quote I live by. "He who leaps for the sky may fall, it's true.  But he may also fly."


Monday, February 24, 2014

Rare Monocle, Lucky Party, and Announcement

Roar Jammers!  Hey, remember a week or so ago when I said "I wonder if they'll come out with a rare monocole?"  Yep, I'm physic.  And I didn't even know it.  Today's item is the Rare Steampunk Monocle!

Hmm, it DOES look better than the regular monocle.  I'm still slightly confused on why someone would WEAR one of those to begin with, unless they were trying to impersonate Mad Eyed Moody from HP.  Nevertheless, here's the rating.
Coloring: 5/5
Creativity: 4/5
Price: 3/5
Now for the Lucky Party, which I made it to yesterday!

It is pretty much like last year..

With some new items in the shop!

Ooh, Clover Fountain! <3  Sadly, only one of them is nm, and it's kinda a boring one.  And of course we have the music.

One of my favorites.  Who says it's just for Lucky Day?

Okay, now for the announcement.  And it is not a particularly good one, unless you happen to despise of me, lol.  I know this seems so sudden and out of the blue.  But *deep breath*...I'm not going to be able to continue blogging.  There's something else kinda big going on in my life right now, and there's no easy way I would be able to continue blogging while doing it. (I'll make a final post tomorrow explaining EVERYTHING.)  Like I said, this probably seems so UNEXPECTED and I'm really sorry about it.  I've known for about a month now that I probably wasn't going to continue after February.  But I figured announcing it before I quit would just take the fun out of AJR while it still IS up and running.  And please PLEASE don't think this was something I just shrugged off.  I mean blogging has meant sooo much to me (again, more details tomorrow) and I was literally gnawing on my thumbnail trying to figure out what to do.  I deleted this post, them retyped it.  Deleted and then retyped it.  It's especially sad because the one year anniversary was coming up on March 3rd...But things are bout to get real hectic real fast.  Sorry, I don't want to make this post too long...
But as a mark that I'm trying to leave, I've created a new page on Blogging Tips!  Please give it a read through, even if you already have a blog up and running. :)

So bye guys.  (Until tomorrow, that is!!)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Leprechaun Shoes

Roar Jammers!  With St. Patrick's Day coming on March 17th, the Leprechaun Shoes are for sale in Jam-Mart Clothing.

The first thought that came to my mind was "Elf shoes are back in stores?"  Sorry, Mr. Leprechaun.  I mean no disrespect to your shoes.

Here's someone who obviously has a knack for multitasking:

If you're looking to trade, why not adopt a bunny while you're at it? :D

Here's 2 random eagle graphics.  The first one has the tree in it, and the second one...obviously doesn't.

 Feel free to use them, no credit needed.
I thought I'd start a segment called "Remember When?"  Occasionally I'll post a page from an old Jamaa Journal (there's quite a lot of them now) that has an update that was brand new at the time.  And even if you DON'T remember when that update occurred (or you hadn't joined AJ yet), we can talk about whether or not that update holds any significance today.  For example...

September 2012.  Volume 70.
The excitement of News Crew seems to have died down a little.  But News Crew topics are still being posted up to this day.  So this update DOES seem to have lasted the passing of time.  (Oh my gosh, I sounded like an old person there XD)

Anyway, that's all for today.  See ya tomorrow Jammers!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Magic Mirror and Den Basics

Roar Jammers!  These old Mystery Emporium items are coming back in odd places. ^-^  Today the Magic Mirror returns in the den shop.

As you know, a click of the mirror will give you an answer to any question you have.

Pfff, even magic mirrors can make mistakes. ;)

So I thought I'd do a little segment on the 6 Den Basics every Jammer should have.  They're perfect touches to any den.  So let's get started!

1. The Potted Plant.  (Of any type, really.)

Like I've said before, greenery is good.
2. The Fire Place.
Perfect for a cozy feel.
3. Small sit-arounds.

They go nicely on tabletops and shelves!  Which leads me to the next item...
4. The Small Shelf
Make use of wall space! :D
5. The Diner Stool
They can go around tables, in front of arcade games,....pretty much anwhere.
6. (Because having only 5 would make too much sense.) The Tiki Torch!
Great for lining entrance ways with a dramatic affect. (Duh duh duuun.)
So for the question today, what other items would you add to this list?  What are den items that you use constantly?

 Here's a DE post. (I wonder why I say that.  I mean, it's OBVIOUS what it is. :p)

 Ahh, I see what they did there. AJHQ. Q&A.

Later gators!  Roar on and be yourself!! =^.^=